Hugo Happle - Curriculum vitae

Born on Sept. 1903 in Egenhausen, Württemberg/ Germany as the son of sergeant Martin Happle and his wife Christine, nee Brenner. Five of his six brothers and sisters died as infants; he grew up with his elder sister Marie.

1913-1922 he attended the Realgymnasium (comparable to high school) in Mannheim, where his dad found job as a bailiff after 12 years of military service. "Drawing" is one of the courses where he achieved the highest grade on his final report.

1922 - 1926 he studied at the Handelshochschule (business college) in Mannheim, he also studied one semester at the University Heidelberg. On July 30, 1926 he graduated with excellent marks. He majored in English and Commerce. Many of the aquarelles of the area around Mannheim (Heidelberg. Schwetzingen) were painted during that time. While painting the court forge in Schwetzingen, he got to know his first wife, Käthe von Nida, who died of tuberculosis soon afterwards.

1926-1927 junior teacher at the business college in Ravensburg, 1927-1930 junior teacher at the business college in Freiburg.

He started painting landscape (with oil-colors) in 1932 (Baltic Sea Series)

1933 marriage with Charlotte Dittmer from Stettin (four children: 1934 Eva- Marie, 1936 Karl-Martin, 1938 Rudolf, 1941 Jutta).

1930-1933 teacher at the Wirtschaftsgymnasium (commercial school) in Bruchsal. 1933-1972 teacher at the commercial school in Freiburg (interrupted by military service and captivity). Promotions in 1942 and 1959.

1958 he personally meets with his favorite painter Oskar Kokoschka, who invites him to his summer seminar "The School of Seeing" in Salzburg/ Austria. The recognition of the great artist strengthens his confidence and influences his style of painting. After his retirement he travels a lot, mostly in the Mediterranean area, to France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Many of his best landscapes were painted during this period.

1962 exhibition in his school in Freiburg, 1970 in the spa hotel Bad Krozingen, 1973 and 1976 in the "Spitalkirche" in Breisach, 1978 and 1984 in the "Volksbank" in Freiburg.

Even after his stroke in 1983, which left is right hand paralized, he painted several impressive landscapes in the Breisgau and in Belgium.

Hugo Happle died on October 27, 1994 in Freiburg.

Jutta Seibert, nee Happle